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Strat Deuxième Boss

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Inscrit le: 17 Avr 2011
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Localisation: Les Andelys
Masculin Guerrier Balance (23sep-22oct)

MessagePosté le: Mer 14 Nov 2012 - 12:51    Sujet du message: Strat Deuxième Boss Répondre en citant

3. Overview of the Fight↑top
The encounter against Tsulong is a two-phase fight. The two phases, called the Night Phase and theDay Phase, alternate throughout the encounter, on a fixed timer.
  • During the Night Phase, Tsulong is hostile, and your raid must DPS him, while dealing with several of his abilities.
  • During the Day Phase, Tsulong is friendly, and your raid must heal him (much like the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter in Icecrown Citadel), while protecting him from various types of adds.

In order to defeat Tsulong, you must either bring him to zero health during a Night Phase, or tofull health during a Day Phase. Tsulong's health is reversed each time a phase change occurs, so that the amount of health that is missing from Tsulong's health in the Night Phase becomes the amount of health he has during the Day Phase. For example, if you DPS Tsulong down to 80% health in the first Night Phase, when he enters the Day Phase, he will have 20% health. If you then heal a further 20% of his health during this phase (bringing him up to 40% health), he will have 60% health when entering the Night Phase.
When first engaged, Tsulong will be in the Night Phase, and every two minutes after that he will switch between phases. He has an energy bar that slowly fills up over time, and a phase transition occurs each time the bar is full. However, since the boss always gains energy at the same rate, and does not use his energy for anything, this has no implications for your raid and it is merely a means to tell how close the next transition is.
4. Night Phase↑top
The Night Phase is the first phase that Tsulong will be in. The phase lasts for exactly 120 seconds, after which time he enters the Day Phase.
4.1. Abilities
During the Night Phase, Tsulong makes regular use of the following abilities.
  •  Shadow Breath is a frontal cone breath attack that deals a high amount of Shadow damage and applies a stacking debuff to the affected targets, which increases Shadow damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds, per stack. This ability forces the use of two tanks.
  •  Dread Shadows is a stacking debuff that Tsulong applies to all raid members every 2 seconds. Each application deals a moderate amount of Shadow damage, and increases the damage that the players take from Dread Shadows by 10%.
    • To counter-act the Dread Shadows debuff, Tsulong regularly creates a 
       Sunbeam at a random location (usually behind him). This is a large beam of light that removes the Dread Shadows debuff from any player who moves into it. However, each second that a player stays in the Sunbeam, its radius becomes smaller, until it eventually disappears.
  •  Nightmares is a spell that Tsulong regularly casts at the location of a random player. It deals a large amount of Shadow damage to all players within 8 yards of the point of impact, and also fears them for 3 seconds. The fear effect can be dispelled. This ability does not appear to target melee players.
4.2. Strategy
We will begin by summarising the strategy for this phase, before going into more details.
  • Have Tsulong tanked facing away from the raid, and perform a tank-switch for every one of Tsulong's 
     Shadow Breaths. Make sure that the tank currently not tanking Tsulong is not in front of him.
  • Have the ranged DPS and healers spread out at least 8 yards apart, to minimise the damage and fears caused by 
     Nightmares. Dispel players affected by the fears immediately.
  • Make sure that everyone regularly resets their stacks of 
     Dread Shadows by walking into the 
  • DPS Tsulong.
4.2.1. Positioning
As we mentioned, Tsulong should always be facing away from the rest of the raid, and no other players except the tank that is currently tanking him should be in front of the boss. This is important, since the boss' 
 Shadow Breath is extremely damaging.
The rest of the raid should spread out in a semi-circle around the boss, making sure that everyone is at least 8 yards away from other players. This will help minimise the damage from 
 Nightmares greatly.
4.2.2. Tank Switching
Tanks can realistically only survive Tsulong's 
 Shadow Breath with no stacks of the debuff applied by the breath itself. This means that a tank switch should take place after every breath attack cast by the boss.
Even though we have mentioned it before, we will reiterate that it is very important that the tank currently not tanking Tsulong does not stand in front of him.
4.2.3. Resetting Dread Shadows
A crucial aspect of this phase is making sure that everyone resets their 
 Dread Shadows debuff. Ideally, everyone should reset their debuffs before they exceed 15 or so stacks.
When resetting the debuff by running into the 
 Sunbeam, you must be mindful of two things.
  • You should only be in the Sunbeam for a second, moving in and out quickly. This will allow the Sunbeam to persist for longer, increasing the number of players who can use it.
  • You should make sure not to have too many players running to reset their debuff at the same time, since they all risk being hit by 
     Nightmares if they are in close proximity to one another.

You will have to assign an order for players to reset their debuffs, and keep in mind that a Sunbeam will not last long enough to allow the entire raid to reset their debuff. It may also be possible (and sometimes preferable, maybe) to simply ensure that players have a means of tracking everyone's stacks of Dread Shadows on their raid frames, and that they just use common sense and on-the-fly assignments for resetting their stacks. In any case, this is something that pertains to the organization of the raid.
Finally, tanks must also remember to reset their debuffs whenever they are not tanking Tsulong.
5. Day Phase↑top
2 minutes after the start of Phase One, Phase Two will begin. This phase lats for exactly 2 minutes, after which time Tsulong will once again begin.
5.1. Abilities
During Phase Two, Tsulong is friendly to your raid.
  •  Sun Breath is a frontal cone breath attack that Tsulong regularly casts. It deals a very high amount of damage to any adds it hits. If it hits any raid members, it buffs them with 
     Bathed in Light.
    •  Bathed in Light instantly restores 25% of the player's maximum mana, and increases their healing done by 500% for 6-seconds.

Three types of adds are present during this phase.
  • Embodied Terrors are large adds spawned by Tsulong. They place a dispellable debuff called 
     Terrorize on random raid members and on Tsulong himself.
    • When cast on players
       Terrorize damages the player for 20% of their current health each second for 10 seconds.
    • When cast on Tsulong
       Terrorize damages him for 2% of his total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Fright Spawns are small adds that are created when an Embodied Terror is killed. Each Embodied Terror produces 5 Fright Spawns upon death. These small adds often cast 
     Fright in a cone in front of them, dealing a high amount of damage and fearing all affected players.
  • Untable Shas are adds that spawn around the room, and move towards Tsulong. If they reach him, they deal a very high amount of damage to him through 
     Instability, and they disappear. While traveling towards Tsulong, they also cast 
     Unstable Bolt at a random raid member, dealing a high amount of damage, but losing 15% of their own health in the process.
5.2. Strategy
The strategy for this phase can also be summarised rather simply.
  • Have your healers always stand in front of Tsulong, so as to benefit from 
     Bathed in Light as often as possible.
  • Heal Tsulong.
  • Make sure that the Embodied Terrors and the Fright Spawns are tanked in front of Tsulong whenever possible, so that he damages them with his breath.
  • Make sure that the Fright Spawns are always facing away from the raid.
5.2.1. Healing Tsulong and Other Healing Concerns
Your raid's main goal during this is phase is not only to survive, but also to heal Tsulong as much as possible. As we have explained before, any healing that you do to the boss during this phase is the same as damage done to him during the Night Phase, and contributes to your success in the encounter.
Firstly, healers should always position themselves in front of Tsulong, so as to benefit from the 
 Bathed in Light buff granted by his breath attack. We will remind you that the breath attack does not damage raid members during this phase, and only damages adds. Also, Tsulong often turns around, meaning that he will not always face in the same direction, and the healers must be quick to adapt to the boss' new position.
In addition to healing Tsulong, the healers will have to keep the rest of the raid alive. There are several sources of damage to note.

Healers must be prepared to dispel the following three effects during this phase:
  • the 
     Terrorize debuff from Tsulong;
  • the 
     Terrorize debuff from random raid members;
  • the fear effect caused by 
     Fright, from tanks or any other raid members hit by this cone attack.
5.2.2. Dealing with the Adds
Your tanks and DPS players' only concern during this phase is to kill the adds. This is extremely important, not only for your raid's survival, but also because it reduces the damage that Tsulong takes.
Whenever an Embodied Terror spawns, the tank should pick it up and move it in front of Tsulong. If the boss breathes on the add, it will deal a lot of damage to it, making it much easier to kill. Your DPS players should focus on killing the Terror as quickly as possible.
The Fright Spawns that appear when an Embodied Terror dies are very problematic. They must be killed through AoE damage very quickly by your raid, as the frontal cone attacks that they cast are very damaging and disruptive. These adds should also be tanked in front of Tsulong, but the tank must be careful that they are not facing towards the healers or other raid members present in that area.
Untable Sha adds are the top priority, since they must be killed before they reach Tsulong, or else they deal a massive amount of damage to him. These adds cannot be tanked.
There is no required coordination between your two tanks in this phase. Indeed, there only appears to be a need for one tank, so you will just have to decide which one of the tanks picks up the Embodied Terrors, and the resulting Fright Spawns.
6. When to Use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp↑top
We recommend using 
 Time Warp during a Night Phase. This is because there are fewer distractions for your raid in this phase than in the Day Phases, and we suspect that it is more efficient, in terms of progressing on defeating Tsulong, to DPS him rather than to heal him.
7. Learning the Fight↑top
Your raid will have to learn how to properly handle the mechanics in both of Tsulong's phases. Fortunately, since the phase transition happens purely based on time, it is possible just focus on getting through the Night Phase (at the cost of lower raid DPS) simply to experience the Day Phase.
During the Night Phase, the most difficult aspect by far is proper usage of 
 Sunbeams, and properly resetting 
 Dread Shadows. This may take some practice, but once this aspect is mastered, the remaining abilities in this phase should be easy to handle.
During the Day Phase, your raid will have to become accustomed to standing in the way of Tsulong's breath. Additionally, efficient killing of the Fright Spawns will probably prove to make the difference between success and failure in this phase. It is imperative that all players focus on killing these adds as soon as they spawn, to make the learning of the fight easier.
We do not know what the enrage timer of the fight is, nor what the final tuning of the damage values of the abilities is like, but we expect that the fight will provide a considerable challenge in these regards.
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Masculin Balance (23sep-22oct) 馬 Cheval

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Tsulong est un boss enchaînant continuellement deux phases, une phase nuit durant laquelle il vous faudra le DPS, et une phase jour durant laquelle il vous faudra le soigner. Pour mettre un terme au combat il vous faudra soit faire passer ses points de vie à 0 la nuit (quand il est hostile), soit à 100% le jour quand il est amical.
Heureusement, comme vous devez vous en douter, les deux sont liés. Cela veut dire que si vous faites tomber Tsulong à 10% de ses points de vie la nuit, lorsqu'il passera en phase jour il sera à 90% de ses points de vie. Et inversement. De fait, prendre plus que soigneurs que d'habitude n'est pas forcement trop dramatique sur ce combat.
Phase 1 : La nuit - 0 à 100 d'énergie

Lors de cette phase Tsulong est hostile, il vous faudra le DPS autant que possible pour diminuer ses points de vie. La barre d'énergie du boss va augmenter lentement, lorsqu'elle atteint le maximum : 100, il passe automatiquement en phase 2 - jour.
Il vous faudra 2 tanks sur Tsulong, bien écartés l'un de l'autre, il est vraiment vital qu'un seul des deux prenne le souffle du boss. Chaque fois qu'il souffle le tank qui n'a pas été touché doit reprendre le boss, le temps que son collègue perde l'affaiblissement augmentant radicalement les dégâts du prochain souffle. Si le même tank prend deux fois le même souffle, il est quasi certain de mourir. Évidemment comme avec tous les boss à souffle, ce dernier doit être tanké dos au raid.
Les autres membres du raid doivent s'éparpiller dans la salle, et être tous écartés les uns des autres d'au moins 8 mètres afin de limiter les dégâts infligés par la technique Cauchemars.

Ce qui vous demandera le plus de travail sur cette phase est la gestion de l'ombre de l'effroi. Cette aura accumule un affaiblissement sur les joueurs, en plus d'infliger des dégâts. De fait les joueurs vont subir de plus en plus de dégâts. Le seul moyen de contrer cet effet est de limiter les dégâts est d'utiliser les rayons de soleil qui vont apparaître dans la zone. À tour de rôle les joueurs vont devoir traverser brièvement le rayon de soleil pour perdre les charges d'Ombre de l'effroi qu'ils ont accumulé. C'est aussi valable pour les tanks, qui vont devoir le traverser au moins une fois par phase nuit, lorsqu'ils sont affectés par le souffle. Il est important de noter que chaque fois que des joueurs entrent dans le rayon, sa taille diminue, et elle diminue bien plus si plusieurs joueurs le font en même temps. De fait il vaut mieux que les joueurs le fassent un par un, attribuez un ordre aux joueurs, et appelez les en vocal quand c'est leur tour de venir traverser le rayon. Plusieurs fois lors de la phase, Tsulong va ré-invoquer un rayon de soleil, il n'est donc pas dramatique d'user complètement le premier rayon, mais utilisez le tout de même avec parcimonie.
Je vous conseille d'utiliser l'Héroïsme/Distorsion temporelle/Fureur sanguinaire sur cette phase, son impact sera généralement plus important sur tous vos DPS que sur les quelques soigneurs en phase jour.

Phase 2 : Le jour - 0 à 100 d'énergie
Lorsque Tsulong passe en phase jour, il devient amical, et il peut être soigné comme Valithria dans la Citadelle de la Couronne de glace. Le travail des soigneurs sera donc de maintenir le raid et les tanks en vie, mais aussi de remonter la vie du boss. Heureusement ce dernier va leur donner un coup de main.
Placez les soigneurs et les tanks devant Tsulong, il va régulièrement utiliser son souffle, sauf que ce dernier sera bénéfique cette fois, il va rendre 25% de mana (ce qui aidera déjà beaucoup les soigneurs) mais il va aussi augmenter la puissance de leurs soins de 500%, autant dire qu'ils pourront spammer comme jamais les soins pour remonter sa vie. De plus le souffle inflige 1 000 000 de dégâts aux Shas, et les étourdit pendant 8 secondes, cela sera vital pour gérer les nombreux Adds qui vont pop sur cette phase.

Il y a 2 types d'Adds qui vont apparaître : les Terreurs incarnées qui sont des gros Shas devant être tankés devant le boss. Il est important que leurs sorts soient interrompus pour limiter les dégâts à la fois sur le boss et sur le raid. Pensez à dissiper le boss et les joueurs affectés par leur DoT, avec le boss en priorité. La ou les choses se compliquent, c'est qu'à leur mort les Terreurs incarnées libèrent 5 Adds plus petits, les Rejetons de terreur. Ces derniers vont lancer des sorts de terreur dans tous les sens et fortement compliquer les choses. Idéalement tuez une Terreur incarnée juste avant que Tsulong souffle (avoir un boss mod mis à jour pour cette rencontre sera un gros plus en terme de timing), ainsi lorsque les Rejetons apparaissent ils sont immédiatement DPS et Assommés pendant 8 secondes, ce qui vous offre 8 secondes pour les décimer à coup d'AoE.
En parallèle les DPS vont devoir tuer de toute urgence les Shas instables qui apparaissent dans la salle, ils ne doivent absolument pas toucher Tsulong, sous peine de lui infliger des dégâts déments.

Comme les DPS n'ont pas besoin du souffle, je vous conseille d'attribuer les DPS à distance sur les Shas instables en priorité, et les DPS en mêlée sur les Terreurs incarnées puisque ces dernières seront amenées sur une position fixe dans le souffle. Pour les Rejetons il vaut mieux que tout le monde les DPS afin d'éviter un drame. Profitez de la portée importante du souffle (60 mètres) pour faire mourir les Terreurs assez loin des Soigneurs et des DPS à distance, ainsi même si elles lancent leurs AoE de peur/dégâts (30 mètres de portée) les DPS à distance et les Soigneurs ne seront pas affectés, et ils pourront dissiper les joueurs touchés.
En parallèle les soigneurs doivent évidemment soigner Tsulong autant que possible, n'hésitez pas à utiliser vos CD de Soins pour accélérer les choses. Faire les dissipations sur le boss instantanément sera aussi nécessaire. Si Tsulong perd 2% de vie sur un Tic de DoT, ce sont des dizaines de secondes de combat additionnel à prévoir.

Lorsque Tsulong repasse à 100 d'énergie, il retourne alors en phase 1 : Nuit. Recommencez alors ce cycle jusqu'à ce qu'il atteigne 0% ou 100% de vie (selon la phase).

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